Webcast: Online seminar “RET Testing in Routine Diagnostics“

The recordings of the online seminar “RET testing in routine diagnostics” are now available online and accessible via this link.   

This online seminar with a total duration of 50 minutes is divided into two topic-specific videos. In the first video, PD Dr. med. Dr. nat. med. Udo Siebolts from the University Hospital Halle (Saale) provides an overview of the spectrum of RET alterations in the affected tumor entities, the mechanism of action of the available drugs, the results of the clinical trials and the testing algorithm.

In the second video, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Sabine Merkelbach-Bruse from the University Hospital Cologne presents advantages and disadvantages of the current detection methods for RET testing, requirements of sample material and occurrence of resistance under therapy. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Sabine Merkelbach-Bruse also gives an overview of the proficiency tests offered by QuIP for RET alterations in 2021 in this video.

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