An overview of the PD-L1 biomarkers


In order to enable quality assured PD-L1 diagnostics in the field of pathology in Germany, QuIP has designed the PD-L1-Portal to support you in the evaluation and interpretation of PD-L1 staining of different tumor entities. It offers you the opportunity to look up the current scores, as well as, cut offs and to use reference sections as comparison to your stained sections.


QuIP makes detailed information available online through the  PD-L1 Information Portal.

In order to optimize the medical treatment by a physician, it is important to evaluate the tumor or tissue samples in reference to the PD-L1 scoring algorithms and to communicate the results clearly and unambiguously to the attending physician in the pathology report. The communication and cooperation between pathologists and hospitals or physicians is extremely relevant and ensures the best and longest possible quality of life for the patient. 

Apart from the introduction, the QuIP PD-L1-Portal features an entity specific table of checkpoint inhibitor treatment options and practical tips (scores and cut-offs) for evaluation using the Tumor Proportion Score/ Tumor Cell Score (TPS/TC), Combined Positive Score (CPS) and Immune Cells Score ( IC) with examples and information on cell material testing. The users will receive information on evaluation and assistance in interpreting the scores. The concise tables describe cell types, definitions and the structure and meaning of the variables of the underlying scores used. 

In addition, the data and findings from the QuIP proficiency tests are also presented. For all authorized users and those who would like to further deepen their knowledge, a literature lists of current scientific articles and additional webcasts are available here. The latter are recordings of QuIP online seminars on PD-L1 with instructions for the set-up of and feedback on proficiency testing, as well as live microscopy of individual cases. 

The portal is continuously enhanced and further developed. 

The PD-L1-Portal is available in englich language and german language.

Data protection

Data protection in Germany prevents QuIP from publicly sharing the portal and the link to the website. Only the introduction can be seen on the PD-L1-Portal start page, all other content is only available to medical professionals.

Registered QuIP customers will automatically find a link to the PD-L1-Portal after logging in on the QuIP homepage. All physicians who have DocCheck access will also have access to the portal. All other interested parties without a QuIP account or DocCheck access can request access to the portal by sending an e-mail to QuIP (office@quip.eu).  An access code will be provided once the requestor’s access requirements are checked.

The PD-L1-Portal is supported by AstraZeneca GmbH, Bristol-Myers Squibb GmbH & Co. KGaA , MSD Sharp & Dohme GmbH and Novartis Pharma GmbH.