EcosysteM for Pathology diagnostics with AI Assistance 

The goal of the EMPAIA project is to speed up the adoption of artificial intelligence in Germany. It is foreseeable that AI systems will support doctors in diagnosis and therapy in the near future. In this context, EMPAIA will create the foundation for an AI-assisted, image-based diagnostic tool in pathology. Here, the term ecosystem refers to a network of all relevant players from science, medicine, industry, and certification bodies for medical devices. Standards and workflows should therefore, be developed together with these stakeholders. A standardized digital marketplace should help encourage physicians to adopt approved and validated AI solutions routinely, which in turn provides important support for cancer diagnostics. As a partner, QuIP GmbH forms the consortium of EMPAIA together with Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Fraunhofer MEVIS, vitagroup AG and DAI-Labor TU Berlin.

Keyword “ecosystems”

Ecosystems for data and AI are networks formed by different partners to share data and resources. Common interfaces are defined to enable co-operations on the basis of the data.

The ecosystem is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action for a period of three years (2020 to 2023).