QuIP News: Digital Readout Tests

Digitalization in pathology offers new ways and possibilities for quality assurance. With the Digital Readout Tests, QuIP GmbH has developed an online tool for checking and enhancing personal interpretation performance. We announce and present to you the following:


Digital Readout Tests (DRT)

The Digital Readout Test (DRT) is entirely an online tool to examine and train your individual analysis skills. You are provided with a defined number of scanned tissue sections, which you have to evaluate with regard to the respective biomarker expression or histological properties. You will be given access to exercise cases, whereby you can familiarize yourself with the platform, and to Digital Readout Test cases itself. You will receive a confirmation of successful participation immediately after completing a DRT.

You can find more information on the program, content and registration on our homepage under the following link and the associated FAQs. Once you have registered for a DRT, you will find it in the menu tab "Enrollments and Invoices", then select "Individual".


The interpretation of PD-L1 stained slides is a challenge in the daily routine of many pathologists. The DRT PD-L1 NSCLC RUN1 allows the TPS analysis of 3 exercise and 12 test cases. You will be provided with 3 different staining protocols to compare in the exercise section. Select one of the protocols to perform the Digital Readout Test. Please read the instructions and FAQs provided. The offer is free of charge. Registration is possible at this link.

Registration and Trial period for PD-L1 NSCLC RUN1: 15.06.2022 to 14.08.2022

You can already register for the planned DRTs; PD-L1 TNBC and PD-L1 NSCLC RUN2. The testing periods for these tests start on the 18.08 and 12.10.2022 respectively.

DRT Ki-67 Breast Cancer

The analysis of the proliferation marker Ki-67 in breast carcinomas is not only of prognostic interest, but has an increasingly predictive value. In the DRT Ki-67 Breast Cancer, you can test and train your interpretation skills by means of 5 exercise and 22 test cases. Please read the instructions and FAQs provided. The offer is free of charge. Registration is possible at this link .  

Trial period for Ki-67 Breast Cancer: 15.06.2022 to 30.10.2022


The PD-L1 DRTs are kindly supported by Merck & Co.

The DRT Ki-67 Breast Cancer is kindly supported by Lilly Deutschland GmbH.