External validation of AI tools by QuIP

QuIP GmbH supports the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Germany within the scope of the EMPAIA (EcosysteM for Pathology diagnostics with AI Assistance) project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. QuIPAIA (Quality In Pathology AI Assistance), the part of the project covered by QuIP, aims at simplifying the certification and approval process for diagnostic software to accelerate their market launch. 

To this end, QuIP will initially perform external validations of AI tools, which later may also be carried out by other institutions. Going forward, QuIP will monitor and evaluate the usage, development, and performance of AI algorithms over longer time periods. 

QuIP GmbH is the ideal company in Germany to provide quality assurance services and support pathologists, as well as, pharmaceutical and IVD producers in comparing and optimizing their (anonymized) test results. QuIP’s seal of quality will help boost users’ confidence in the results of the algorithms. The validation, certification, and long-term quality assurance (QA monitoring) of AI will thus enable the creation of new products and business models.